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SONIC DUEL BOX is full analog handmade small amplifier with synthesizer. Guitar, Bass, keyboard, contact mic and whatever makes any musical signal can be connected to EXT. INPUT. In case using EXT. INPUT, you can play with unique modulation like fuzz, distortion, pitch-up/down and tremolo in band ensemble. The speaker enclosure made by rose wood equips full-range speaker makes a nice sound. You can also use this on stage by connecting to the other bigger amplifier and using footswitch for selecting FX/BYPASS and MOD ON/OFF. You can play this equipment’s sound with AUX (Stereo input, monaural mix internally).
AC-DC9V for Effectors (Outside-plus, Inside-minus)or 006P9V battery is available.

*This product is available only for JAPAN.

■WEIGHT (NET):650g
■POWER:AC-DC9V for Effectors (Outside-plus, Inside-minus)or 006P9V battery

*This product will be shipped from 5 – 7 days after receiving order.